der Gerät DCR-3 – Short Version Propane



Model: DCR-3 (Short Version Propane)
Width: 780 mm
Height: 1.150 mm
Depth: 780 mm
Foot print: 800 x800 x 1.150 mm
Dimension of spits (DxH): 550 x 780 mm
Spit loading weight: 60 kg
Total machine weight: 70 kg
Input power: max. 0,25 kWh (Robot)
Supply voltage: 110V/230V / 1Ph / 50/60 Hz / PE
Control voltage: 48V
Noise level: approx. 60 dB
Drive axis: 4-Axis
Barbecue propane: 4 heating elements
Power: 14 KW
Consumption: 1,48 m3/h / 1,12 kg/h
Gas type: Propane/LPG 50 mbar

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